Keynotes announced: UAS experts speak about vegetation functioning and recent developments in LiDAR

Pablo Zarco-Tejada and Anttoni Jaakola will be our international keynote speakers at UAS4RS2017.



Dr Pablo Zarco-Tejada is the Director of the Laboratory for Research Methods in Quantitative Remote Sensing (QuantaLab) and currently part of the Forest Resources and Climate Unit of the Joint Research Centre (JRC, European Commission). At UAS4RS he will discuss the need for high resolution hyperspectral and thermal remote sensing imagery for the physiological assessment of vegetation. In particular, early stress detection methods in the context of forestry and precision agriculture from unmanned aerial systems (UAS) will be described, including water and nutrient stress detection, and early detection of diseases. The quantification of chlorophyll fluorescence from radiance imagery for the assessment of photosynthesis, and the use of narrow-band reflectance indices related to biochemical constituents will be discussed, evaluating prospects and limitations of these methods from unmanned platforms.


Image: Kukko et al. 2016, GIM International 2016

Dr Anttoni Jaakkola leads the Mobile Laser Scanning research group, Department of Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry, Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI and is one of the leading scientists in UAS-based LiDAR. He will talk about UAS-based LiDAR for tree detection, tree parameter estimation and tree species classification. Motivated by UAS LiDAR, RGB and hyperspectral sensors producing high accuracy data, he also looks at multispectral LiDAR for tree species classification. He further compares UAV LiDAR, airborne LiDAR and image-based forest inventory from UAV, airplane and satellite. For individual tree detection and tree species classification in boreal forests, he investigated UAV-based photogrammetry and hyperspectral imaging. Finally, Anttoni will talk about his vision of the future in UAS remote sensing.