Two-day Drone Remote Sensing and Mapping Course on 22 and 23 May

The TerraLuma research group at the University of Tasmania are offering an intensive Drone Remote Sensing and Mapping Course on Monday and Tuesday the 22th and 23th May 2017. This is a face-to-face lecture-based course that will be held at the University of Tasmania. Please note that this event needs to be booked separately. This 2-day course will be offered just before the UAS4RS 2017 conference. The course will provide a strong foundation in remote sensing, specifically for UAS applications. We don’t assume any prior remote sensing knowledge. Even if you have been working with UAS for a while, you will get a lot out of the course as it will provide you with a deeper understanding of sensor data collection, processing, and interpretation. Participants should consider participating in the full combination of the 2-day course, the conferences, and the hands-on day as an excellent introduction into the exciting world of UAS remote sensing and mapping. See this page for a detailed program.